Boil Water Advisory

February 06, 2022


Water Main repairs in Pelican Rapids causes the City of Pelican Rapids to issue a boil water advisory.

Due to a water main repair, the City of Pelican Rapids advises customers to boil their drinking water. This advisory is for any areas of the City affected by loss of water, or low water pressure, caused by temporary shut down for water main repairs.

Customers should use boiled water that has cooled or bottled water for:

Drinking, Brushing teeth, Washing fruits and vegetables, Preparing food and baby formula, Making ice, Giving to pets, and any other activity that results in the physical consumption of water.

The City of Pelican Rapids is repairing a broken water main to fix the problem. The Boil Water Advisory is in effect until water testing can be completed to determine the situation is corrected. The Boil Water Advisory will be in effect a minimum of 24 hours from the time water service is restored.  Customers will be notified immediately when the advisory is lifted.

This boil water advisory is a precaution. To limit risk, customers should follow the instructions contained in this release.

For more information, contact City Hall, 218-863-7076.