Water/Sewer Utility

Water Department Reports

 Annually the City of Pelican Rapids completes water testing in order to provide our residents and water customers with information about the quality of our drinking water.  The results of the testing is recorded in two documents; a Consumer Confidence Report and an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.  If you would like a paper copy of either report you can request a copy by calling city hall at 218-863-6571.

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 Household Resource Information

Lawn Watering Tips

Wellhead Protection Plan

 2017 Pelican Rapids Water Supply Plan

 2022 Consumer Confidence Report

 2022 Annual Drinking Water Report

 Water Softening

 A Review of Residential Water Softening

 Chloride Brochure


Protect Public Wells

The residents of the city of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota rely on groundwater for their drinking water supply.  The City owns and operates multiple wells located in the community that draw water from groundwater aquifers below the land surface. Groundwater aquifers are vulnerable to contamination from human land use activities.

The city has developed a Wellhead Protection Plan with the help of the Department of Health and Minnesota Rural Water to protect the ground water from contamination where we are drawing water from our wells.

Unused, Unsealed Wells

Transportation Management and Spills

Become Better Informed About Wellhead Protection