Historic City Hall/Tourist Information Center


On January 9th, 2024 City Council unanimously approved a motion to lease out the main level of Historic City Hall for commercial use. More information coming soon! You can reach out to EDA consultant, Jordan Grossman @ 701.219.3718 or [email protected]


Preservation Alliance Award

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  • 1898, a special election was held for the amount of $14,000.00.  This favorable election approved of Bond Issue 824-69N, which would be used for $9,000.00 fire protection, $3,000.00 Town Hall & grounds, $2,000.00 lights.
  • 1899, Stenerson Brothers received the bid for Village Hall in the amount of $2,765.00.  (The 38” Fire Bell cost $84.00) 
  • 1900, The Contractor was ready to turn over the building to the Village, and there was some disagreement about some work that had been performed, and it was decided to have 1 man each appointed to resolve the disagreement.  The parties settled the disagreement with a $75.00 deduction from the project cost. 
  • 1962, an election was held authorizing the City Fire Hall to move to the old theater building.
  • 1963, the City purchased the old theater building for $7,500.00.
  • 1969, fire siren was moved to the new fire hall building.