Two main parks border the Pelican River where it runs through the east side of town in Pelican Rapids.  On one side is E.L Peterson Park and on the other is Sherin Memorial Park/Campground.  The two parks are connected by a walkway that crosses the river on a large suspension bridge, a perfect location to see the river up close and take beautiful pictures of that part of the city. Sherin Memorial Park can be accessed by the bridge or by approaching it on 108 East.

Besides the two major parks, a more recent addition is the Thompson Memorial Park located on the north side of Pelican Rapids.  Thompson Park consists of a modern playground and a soccer field, a great place to run around and stretch your legs.

Our newest park is Veteran’s Memorial River Park located by the Public Library .  It is a great spot to rest and enjoy the river.

Pelican Pete located in E.L. Peterson Park
E.L. Peterson Park