Key resources

  • Pelican Rapids City Administrator, 218-863-7076 or [email protected]: The city administrator handles any inquiries about current zoning and process for changes to zoning.
  • Pelican Rapids Planning Commission is a board which oversees any zoning changes in the City of Pelican Rapids: The planning commission has the authority to recommend changes to current zoning ordinances to the City Council.

Questions to consider about zoning

  1. What is the type of zoning do I need for my type of business (industrial, commercial)?
  2. What is the current zoning designation of the property I have in mind?
  3. If my business idea does not fit current zoning, what are my options?

Key terminology

  1. Special Use Permit: A special use is one that is not specifically allowed as a permitted use under city ordinance, but is a designated use that is allowed in zoning district only if a special use permit is issued.
  2. Non-conforming Use: Any lawful use existing at the time of the adoption of this ordinance may be continued after the adoption of city ordinance. For example, a commercial property in use before zoning was put in place continues as commercial in a residential district
  3. Variance:  A request for a deviation from the Zoning Code for a particular development standard because of unusual circumstances associated with a particular site. Some examples of types of variances are for building height and parking.
  4. Rezoning: A proposal for rezoning property may constitute significant departures from the present or historical use or intended use of the property.

Written documents about zoning in Pelican Rapids