Pelican Rapids Economic Development Authority (EDA)


The Pelican Rapids Mayor, city council persons, and business leaders serve as the governing body of the Pelican Rapids Economic Development Authority which has broad powers to provide encouragement and financial support of economic development and redevelopment in the City.  The EDA has maximum EDA powers and the maximum Housing and Redevelopment Authority powers allowed by law.  The Pelican Rapids Economic Development Authority was established January 9, 1995.

President - Brent E Frazier

Vice President - Ryan Binek

Secretary - Danielle Harthun

Treasurer - Lana Grefsrud

Assistant Treasurer - Lance Roisum

Members - Kevin Ballard, open seat


Individuals with questions or interest in housing or commercial development or interest in the Pelican Rapids Area should contact Jordan Grossman at City Hall at (218) 863-6571 or by cell at (701) 219-3718 or email [email protected]

Pelican Rapids Economic Development Authority

P.O. Box 350

Pelican Rapids, MN 56572

218-863-6571 or 701-219-3718
Jordan Grossman
Community & Economic Development Associates| Contracted EDA Director

Local Incentives To Promote Homeownership Growth In Pelican Rapids

  • City Owned land, if available - the City owns commercial and industrial zoned lots in the industrial park that are available at reduced prices. City owned land in the NW area of the city that is zoned residential is available for development.  These city owned land opportunities may be at low or no cost.
  • Housing Property Tax Refund - refunds for 5 years, up to $5,000.00 (Property Tax Refund Program) - click on the link for information.
  • Waive certain fees  - 100% of Utility hook-up fee and 50% of street breakup fee.
  • Reduced or free utilities: The City of Pelican Rapids operates its own sewer and water systems and the costs of these utilities can be decreased or eliminated for a period of 1-year for new, first-time residential home-ownership, or builds a new home on an undeveloped lot, in Pelican Rapids.
  • Free Swimming Pool membership - 2-years (seasons) of free family membership to the city’s outdoor swimming pool to any family that is a first-time home owner or builds a new home on an undeveloped lot in Pelican Rapids.
  • Deferred Assessment on Utility Service – On residential lots with large street frontages that can be split into a developable lot, the city will install utility service lines from the main lines to the curb stops and defer the assessment on the resulting undeveloped lot until the lot is developed or for a period of 7 years, whichever occurs first.