2017 Dam Wall Project #88

This project consists of renovations and repairs to the dam wall resulting from the collapse of the rock wall on the north downstream face of the wall and the deterioration of the concrete spillway.  Even though this work is needed the dam remains safe.

MN DNR has been in communications with the City regarding the possibility of removing the dam to allow fish passage upstream.  This would result in a floatable, rapids, river through the city.  On January 30, 2018 the MN DNR held a public meeting at LREC to present the idea of dam removal.  The meeting was attended by about 75 interested individuals.

The city council has asked the MN DNR to work on a model of what to dam/mill pond area could look if dam removed.

After several city council discussions, on April 30 2019, the city council passed a resolution to work with the MN DNR to remove the dam wall.  Pelican Pete will remain, guarding and watching over the river.  The MNDNR will now prepare funding applications for the project.

Update 05/29/2020: The city is waiting for the result of state legislative actions to allocate funds to the DNR for this project. Initial estimated project start time is Winter 2020.

Update 02/18/2021: The project has been funding by the State/DNR. The city is waiting for the engineers to compile elevation data so that concepts can be developed. Initial estimated project start time is now Winter 2021.

Update 7-25-22:  A DRAFT f the 90% plans, bid ad, and RFP are below.