Community Vision


The community of Pelican Rapids boasts enormous natural beauty in its sweeping fields, rolling hills, and plentiful pristine lakes.  Yet its most enduring beauty is intangible and can be found in the innovative spirit of its citizenry as they improve their lives and invigorate the local economy.  Long recognized as a premier living location, Pelican Rapids is the third largest city in the county of Otter Tail.  Now, as we look forward, and to help provide focus as we continue our progress, we have created this vision of our future:


The economy of the community is strongly supported, safe, respected and affordable by all members of the community, governmental agencies and businesses.  The community needs are met in an environment that promotes the historical, natural resources, beauty, talents, agricultural, and recreational assets in a responsible, safe and respectful manner that is cognizant of all members of the community.  Agriculture, commercial businesses, tourism, lake property owners, rural and city residents, work cooperatively to aggressively promote, research, enhance, maintain, support and develop new and existing opportunities.  A vibrant, respected, friendly, and welcoming business environment encourages expansion of existing and development of new, commercial, industrial, and agricultural businesses that provide employment opportunities for all levels of income and talents.  Investment and reinvestment into our community is recognized, encouraged and supported.


Local government is a working collaboration of Township, City, Civic and Lake Associations, and is responsible to and receptive of all members of the community.  By maintaining a commitment to the needs and perspective of both residents, and visitors, and by working with various organizations and volunteers to create an environment of trust, cooperation and ownership, it helps develop a strong sense of community pride and a welcoming spirit.  It aggressively researches and develops progressive and proactive policies and programs to encourage robust commercial, agricultural, residential and recreational development, simultaneously promoting investment in our community from outside and within.  Further, managed polices for preservation and development of natural resources and historical assets assure a continued appreciation for community aesthetics. Cooperative and approachable officials maintain hours providing access and services to all members of the community.


Community members are proud of their diverse cultural citizenship, recognizing the needs and celebrating the opportunities of this diversity.  The community encourages, develops and maintains the leadership, talents, and potential business opportunities, in a cooperative, trusting manner.  All citizens enjoy bonds of mutual acceptance and respect.


Our Community is filled with natural beauty, diverse cultures, and friendly citizens who feel safe and display a proud sense of ownership.  Our members work to research, develop, enhance and maintain an aesthetically pleasing, inviting and welcoming environment while respecting our natural resources.


Renowned and respected within and outside our community, our education system provides and promotes academic excellence in a safe, respectful, prejudice free, morally strong and drug free environment.  It provides affordable, locally available continuing education utilizing all educational systems and methods and is focused on the desires and interests of community members.  Staff, parents, and students maintain respectful and courteous bonds of communication while working to encourage participation and volunteerism.


The community recognizes the value of its youths and provides support for their recreational, educational and social needs by maintaining and enhancing existing facilities and aggressively researching and developing new ones.  Through existing and newly developed civic organizations, volunteers, educational, and religious sources, the needs of our youths are fulfilled in a safe and respected way.


The Pelican Rapids area community researches, develops, maintains and expands year round affordable private and publicly owned recreational facilities, allowing for all interests, ages, genders, and cultures to come together in safe and varying complexes.


Pride is reflected in every aspect of our community: business, churches, educational systems, civic groups and volunteerism.  Our community builds on its successes by working cooperatively and making positive change happen.  In every endeavor, a safe, vibrant, cooperative and welcoming community is evidenced by mutually respected new and existing members.


The community researches, maintains, enhances and develops new and existing medical facilities that provide affordable, locally available, 24 hour/7 day a week medical and support services to all members of the community in a knowledgeable, friendly, safe, and respectful manner for all ages.


The Community provides housing to meet the needs of all income levels, genders, ages and physical conditions that is safe, inviting and affordable.  Enforced policies, support, and financing are readily available.


Our community morals are reflected through a safe, respecting, fair and trustful environment among all members.


The community provides and disseminates complete and organized information for newcomers, current citizens, and both existing and potential new business enterprises, that is visible and readily accessible.


The religious environment of the community reflects its religious and community needs in a safe, responsive, cooperative and respectful manner.


With our positive attitude and enduring spirit, the Pelican Rapids area citizens will use this vision statement to help guide us as we build a more vibrant, attractive, open and welcoming community.  We will support and develop business, agricultural, educational and recreational opportunities, responsibly using fiscal resources, personnel and information technology assets.  We will ensure access to public services, including health care and public safety.  Through participation and cooperation we will build a community of which our families can be proud.