Asphalt Trail

Pelican Rapids continues to evolve and one of the roles of our group is to not only inform you of the changes but to also make the connection to our community vision. As you know our vision “provides a framework for the community to guide our endeavors creating a future healthy, stronger Pelican Rapids Community.”

Projects highlighted in recent articles have reflected the 13 areas of the vision statement. Some of the projects written about were new businesses or events in Pelican Rapids and some were ongoing projects. An example of one of the ongoing projects is the asphalt trail that currently exists from 5th Avenue SW to 9th Avenue. The project has been underway since 1997, but now an extension is being placed in front of the elementary school playgrounds extending to the main entrance of Lake Region Electric Coop. The trail is ten feet wide and over 1900 feet long. Funded by the state, city and school district, the trail is planned for completion in 2003.

The trail project fits our vision in the areas of Recreation, Pride and Aesthetics. Though the project may not have begun with the specific purpose of fitting the community vision, it succeeded in doing so. It is our groups hope that as we in the community become more familiar with our vision its areas will become a starting point or reference point for future projects. “With our positive attitude and enduring spirit, the Pelican Rapids area citizens will use this vision statement to help guide us as we build a more vibrant, attractive, open and welcoming community….Through participation and cooperation we will build a community of which our families can be proud.”