The people of Pelican Rapids can be proud of the changes occurring in our town. One such change is the aesthetic improvements to the area. Helping with this change is the service group, People for Pelican. They have taken on the project of updating the playground equipment in E. L. Peterson Park. The group cited the fact that the equipment was out of date and in some cases in disrepair. They also took into consideration the central location of the park, its use in community events and the recent addition of the fountain as reasons for the task.

Trudy Gorton, who is one of the coordinators for the project, feels People for Pelican would use all their funds for the next three years if they funded the task alone. A letter campaign to local businesses raised most of the money needed to purchase equipment. Already on order is a slide, jumper and benches and the group plans to add to the list. Work began before the ground froze with removal of the merry-go-round, the sandbox and some jumpers that were broken. The city has offered to continue their support with the removal of the slide and the installation of the new equipment.

The work involved in this project demonstrates the dedication and initiative of our local service groups, namely, People for Pelican. Also to be commended are the people and businesses who generously gave in order to help with the project. Working to give our community a place to enjoy is what our vision is all about.